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Kolte Patil iTowers Exente Price – Is it worth the Money?

Price is an essential factor for any buyer before he/she finalizes a unit. But at the same time, buyers show lesser reluctance in the pricing factor if the product is of fantastic quality. So, developers try their best to achieve perfection in every sector while developing the master plan of the project. Kolte Patil Exente Price is definitely a hard selling point because of its fantastic quality and apt price tag. Kolte Patil Developers are keeping their best foot forward to offer the best quality along with the best price possible. The base selling price is currently Rs 4990/Sqft. and is subject to change in the nearby future. So come be a part of this magnanimous project and stand out from the rest in this beautiful city of Bangalore.

Kolte Patil itowers Exente
Status:Under Construction
Type :2, 3, & 4 Bhks
Location:Electronic City
Price/Sqft:On Request
Area :710-2090 sqft
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